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“I think the first duty of society is justice.” ~ Alexander Hamilton

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Our civilization is approaching a crossroads – will we choose to continue as a human civilization or instead become something inhuman?

Will we be governed by wise men and women chosen with the consent of the citizens or by software algorithms and artificial intelligence programmed privately to generate power and wealth for a few enforced with weaponized drones and robots?

Will we live according to the principles of justice that we espouse or will we tolerate the continued growth of unjust and criminal behavior?

Throughout the last year, conversations on the Solari Report have turned to the covenant that we share – the divine intelligence, fundamental principles and supreme law that binds us together – and the importance of each of us taking actions to support and enforce these in our daily lives.

As these conversations continue, we thought it would be helpful to provide a special website to publish videos, interviews, and special reports in one place.

What actions will you take over the next year? If we each do what we can, a mighty army arises.


  1. Hi Catherine

    I first you at the Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma conference in NY City in 2006.

    I remember one suggestion you made was to put my money into a local bank that kept the money in the local community.

    Do you have a link to any article about this topic I can send to my friends?

    Thank You

    • Was supposed to come up today. Voila. Many new challenges. Will take until Next week. Will keep you posted. Really appreciate your patience. You can continue to get new content here.

  2. I would love to purchase past reports (the physical documents) rather than printing them out. Is there any way for me to obtain paper reports to read, keep.? How to become a subscriber?

    • Jennifer:

      If you become a premium subscriber, current reports are automatically mailed to you. You can become subscriber here:

      You can buy hard copy for the last year as a subscriber. We are working on creating an inventory of older ones that will be available to the public in hard copy next year.

      You are most welcome!


  3. Justice for 9/11 took a leap forward Nov. 7, announced Nov. 26, 2018. The Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry, a non-profit, public interest group, received a letter from the US attorney of the Southern District of New York (City), stating the court “will comply” with the legal petition for a Special Grand Jury for 9/11 crimes to proceed. For the lawyers committee to be successful, while being ignored by the mainstream media, public attention must increase by other means.

    The attorneys are not rich materially, yet their courageous action deserves our help because they are representing all of us. If you want to help publicize this potentially biggest case in U.S. history, go to If you want to help financially, or simply get nice psycho-emotional boost, go to the lawyers site, Their 57 exhibits of evidence are on their site, which any skeptic should read because the science and the solidity of expert eyewitnesses, specifically first-responders, leaves an indelible impression truth with no doubt whatsoever. Blessings to all.

  4. Heard your interview with Greg Hunter on Jan. 13, 2019. Is it possible to buy a copy of the 2018 printed Annual Solari Wrap-up Report without becoming a subscriber? If so, could you post a link on where to purchase it?

    • Marika:

      The Wrap Ups are only available to subscribers. We are planning on making some of the older ones for sale on an open basis, so stay tuned for that. Last years annual wrap up on pension funds is open to the public:



  5. Catherine,
    I just “discovered” your website though I would say was it was more accurate to say I was led to it as I do not believe in coincidences. My comments are in response to your question of what actions we believe we should take. While you specifically limited your time frame to the next year, I propose our commitment to be permanent for the need is a permanent one so our commitment should match the need.

    When I consider the many, many ways our liberties are under assault, I am constantly reminded that unless We the People stand up to defend those Liberties as is our duty and responsibility, they WILL be taken from us as the enemies of Liberties have made clear is their true objective. Given that our enemies have proven they are not honorable people who do not respect the rule of law but will fight with any tool available to them including violence up to and including murder, it is apparent that We the People must be prepared to fight back in a defensive manner if we are to have any reasonable expectation of prevailing against them.

    So, while I am NOT advocating violence, for I subscribe to the maxim that “violence is the final resort of the incompetent”, our Founders recognized that the enemies of Liberties have no compunction against using violence or any other means to steal the liberty of others, so if we are to preserve our own, we must be prepared to defend ours with our Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor using every means available to us including force of arms IF that becomes necessary.

    In their wisdom, our Founders recognized that all other Liberties depend upon our God-given Right to keep AND bear arms which is one reason why the Founders used the word “necessary” when describing that Right in conjunction with the Militia, that being all the People. It is worth noting that the 2nd Amendment was the ONLY place in the Constitution where the word “necessary” was used which should demonstrate the importance we should place on the 2nd Amendment and therefore, the inviolability we should demand that Amendment be given.

    So I believe We the People must study the writings of our Founders themselves that address the issue of the 2nd Amendment and the Militia, for when we do, we will realize that they intended that ALL People who were capable of bearing arms, be properly trained in their use so that in the unfortunate event that the government became so tyrannical that they were completely unresponsive to the lawful attempts of the People to seek redress of grievances as is our Right, then the People could compel the government to either return to compliance with their sacred Oath of Office or be removed from that office in order to be replaced with someone who would assume those duties lawfully.

    As you know, Dr. Edwin Vieira as written excellent books on the subject so we have resources available to us from which we can learn then pass on that knowledge to ensure the will and intent of our Founders is properly understood. Once we know exactly what they intended, we can then demand that those in government comply with those intentions willingly but if they refuse, we can seek to compel them to do so. As a last resort, We the People can lawfully replace them with others who will implement and enforce the intent on of Founders based upon the specific writings of our Founders.

    With our 2nd Amendment, we can ensure our other Liberties will also be protected and enforced. But WITHOUT it, NONE of our other Liberties are assured of being protected which can be seen simply by listening to the words of government who call the Constitution nothing more than an old piece of parchment written by dead white men.

    I for one am sick of the traitors in government disparaging our Founders and our founding documents. They need to either respect our heritage or leave the service of the People, for they are a disgrace to the office and to those Veterans who fought and died defending the Liberties those TRAITORS in government abuse.

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