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Enforce the Constitution with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

American Suicide: Proposals for Constitutional Amendments & Convention with Edwin Vieira, Jr.

Solari Reports

The Missing Money – $21 Trillion in Undocumentable Adjustments and Counting with Dr. Mark Skidmore

3rd Quarter Wrap Up – News Trends & Stories Part I with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Bush, Cheney & 911 with David Ray Griffin

The Deep State & Trump Budget Politics Part I with Richard Dolan

The Deep State & Trump Budget Politics Part II with Richard Dolan

The Corruption and Compromise of the NSA with William E. Binney

Gun Ownership with Harry Blazer


    Anna von Reitz, April 14,2018, Texas republic meeting….starts about minute eight……who’s debtor/debt? n who’s the primary creditor…….civil orders to the joint chiefs…… n drag your stuff out of their bankruptcy slush pile.

  2. I joined or donated a couple months back and I was suppose to receive that Solari Report, that really nice one you were marketing. I have yet to receive my report,

    My address is
    Richard Perry
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  3. Hi Catherine – any possible way i can get the article about banks and credit unions that u can trust ? I would appreciate it if you could scan it my way. My ermail is Would be delighted to send a donation your way if u provide the prompt for it. A bit premature for a subscription at this time. Wish i could speak to you further post review of the article. It is needed urgently if you can send. Ty jan

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