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Enforce the Constitution with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

American Suicide: Proposals for Constitutional Amendments & Convention with Edwin Vieira, Jr.

Solari Reports

The Missing Money – $21 Trillion in Undocumentable Adjustments and Counting with Dr. Mark Skidmore

3rd Quarter Wrap Up – News Trends & Stories Part I with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Bush, Cheney & 911 with David Ray Griffin

The Deep State & Trump Budget Politics Part I with Richard Dolan

The Deep State & Trump Budget Politics Part II with Richard Dolan

The Corruption and Compromise of the NSA with William E. Binney

Gun Ownership with Harry Blazer


    • Solari’s address is Solari Inc, PO Box 157, Hickory Valley, TN 38042 – or customerservice[at]solari[dot]com

    Anna von Reitz, April 14,2018, Texas republic meeting….starts about minute eight……who’s debtor/debt? n who’s the primary creditor…….civil orders to the joint chiefs…… n drag your stuff out of their bankruptcy slush pile.

  2. I joined or donated a couple months back and I was suppose to receive that Solari Report, that really nice one you were marketing. I have yet to receive my report,

    My address is
    Richard Perry
    344 Manawai Place
    Haiku HI 96708

  3. Hi Catherine – any possible way i can get the article about banks and credit unions that u can trust ? I would appreciate it if you could scan it my way. My ermail is Would be delighted to send a donation your way if u provide the prompt for it. A bit premature for a subscription at this time. Wish i could speak to you further post review of the article. It is needed urgently if you can send. Ty jan

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