The Lies and Damned Lies of School Shootings with Jon Rappoport

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The Solari Report 2018-03-15

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The Solari Report 2018-03-15

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ThemeAudio The theme this week is “Batten Down the Hatches”.

Money & MarketsAudio This week in Money & Markets, Catherine discusses the latest in market movements and geopolitical events.

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Let’s Go to the Movies!AudioCatherine reviews The Good Fight.

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“Is there a monster that must be fed?

Will history always be written in red?”

~Sharon Robinson

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The first recorded school shooting in the United States took place in Pennsylvania in 1764. Most school shootings since have involved a limited handful of people. One person gets mad at another and takes matters into their own hands.

Mass school shootings are a very different and much more recent phenomenon. The success of the Kennedy assassinations for the Wall Street – Washington establishment marked a pivotal moment.  The size of black budgets and hidden financial systems exploded. Confidence in  modern media and covert mind control and operations grew.  Killings with impunity as a political tool of policy making in support of the national security state blossomed

Mass shootings have been growing in size and number ever since. Richard Dolan’s False Flags was Solari Report Documentary of the Year for 2017. This series does an excellent job of explaining how and why the numbers of such events are increasing.

A defining characteristic of mass school shootings is that the official story never makes logical sense. Trying to get to the bottom of what happened quickly becomes an expensive, even dangerous job. It requires wading through explosive disinformation and managing cyber warfare and physical harassment targeted at journalists and independent media who promote open source discovery of the truth. The killing machine hovers. The mountain of lies compound with each mass school shooting.

Another defining characteristic of mass school shootings is that they quickly convert into marketing for new legislation and regulations that promote more power and control for the national security state. The more money that leaves our pension funds to finance the national security state, the more money goes missing from the national security state, the more mass shootings occur. Think there is a connection? I do.

Jon Rappoport has been following school shootings for many years, ever since his brilliant coverage of the Columbine school shooting in Colorado in 1999. Jon’s knowledge is extensive – about the involvement of drugged children in school shootings, how patsies are created and used for covert operations, and how corporate media creates and stages false narratives and even fakes events.

Jon joins me this Thursday evening to unpack the lies of mass school shootings. Nobody does it better. You can learn more about mass shootings listening to this one interview with Jon than in watching hundreds of hours of network news.

In Lets Go to the Movies, I will review the TV series The Good Fight, brilliantly created as a sequel to The Good Wife by Michelle and Robert King and Phil Alden Robinson. Ridley Scott’s Scott Free is the production company (maker of numerous favorites, including The Gladiator and A Good Year). This entertaining legal drama describes the power and importance of the law in a society struggling with immorality, corruption and change. Sound familiar?

I will cover the latest on financial markets, geopolitics and purges in Money & Markets. Please post or e-mail your questions for Ask Catherine.

We anticipate launching our new website this week. If the site is not launched by Thursday at 6pm ET, we will post the audios here. If it is launched you will find the link to login at here.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. Do I need to start buying silver/gold? I have a friend who has been buying silver for several years and convinced that the fiat currency will end. I want to be prepared for this..It’s hard because I have parents who are in their late 60’s, early 70’s who have normalcy bias and are adamant about keeping their funds in the stock market. I am 35 years old, single, and want to know how to better financially prepare myself for any upcoming financial crash. Thanks so much!


  2. Do you have a link to Jon’s article “Say ‘No’ to Hopelessness. Hopelessness is an Op” which you mentioned in the interview?

    I’m looking forward to seeing your new site in Thursday.

  3. As much as i appreciate the new website i enjoyed having everything i needed to listen to for the week on one page. Having a hard time on your new page finding full interviews and separately finding all these links provided one by one here.

  4. Should be the same on the new site as it is here – all the links on one page. If you pull up the schedule at the top, just cilck through to the post. Or just scroll down the home page and go directly to the post listed under Weekly Solari Report.

  5. Dear Catherine,
    I have yet to access the report on the in depth exposure concerning mass shootings, but I’ve conducted a good share of online research that supports a debilitating withering of good judgement and common sense discernment when a certain type of drug is prescribed to young adult males, already rather deficit in genuine empathy or concern for others enduring any negative circumstance. I have even witnessed and intervened in the Zoloft prescribed deterioration in the personalities of 5 relatives who completely became “other people” according to observations by family members, neighbors, and anyone brave enough to comment on their serious concerns about the dangerous change of exhibited uninhibited behavior my 5 relatives accepted as normal, “it’s okay” responses when checked or questioned about their choices of never before enacted social or law breaking activities. Nasty is nowhere near a description for the treatment unleashed on unsuspecting older people, even former church going friends, quizzing the changes in someone they cared about and not prepared for the shock they’d receive. These 5 relatives had already been diagnosed as borderline personalities, were on other meds, then shifted to Zoloft and while on Zoloft, didn’t know or comprehend that their actions were wrong, like getting a speeding ticket made it perfectly acceptable to speed away from a traffic stop even before the cop got into his car, who then needed to chase after the unconcerned speeder again. Or getting ready to drive to the store without any clothes on and needing to be physically held back by myself and a neighbor, each of us barely strong enough to get her back into the house. She couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her go bec she said people liked to look at her like that and “it’s ok.”
    Ever since Columbine, that type of drug had/has been given to almost every mass killer whose declining background can be the same for one and almost all of them.
    School attendance and grades are compromised after they start that med, they stay to themselves, plot the incomprehensible destruction of the most victims possible to surpass the previous murderers slaughter, they begin to not be very nice to people, even family, carry out anti lawful little acts either secretly or overtly, they don’t care how it affects others, then they activate their plan by acquiring the weapons and the “know how” to use them. And it’s like they’re not thinking of the people they will kill in any conscientious pricking manner, they’re just pawns to accomplish their horrific mission. They can’t express any authentic reasons for the amount of indescribable hate they can barely control for people they don’t really know.
    And when it’s all done, if they’re in jail, sans Zoloft, rational thinking slowly resurfaces, which is observable during court dates, subdued, changed, quiet, respectful, as though a stranger has been described as the suspect.
    I had to personally speak on differing occasions to the nursing staff or the office managers of the doctors who treated my relatives, especially describing the neglect being inflicted on family members. Thank God the Zoloft was stopped and they were given other medicine. After almost 2 months free of the personality altering bad drug, our relatives were more themselves, resuming responsible conduct and much nicer to others.
    I think that drug should not be given to anyone with an empathy impairment bec it numbs or suppresses whatever capacity may be inherent in a person. Stop Zoloft style drugs/Save Lives.

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