The Future of Europe with Thomas Meyer

The Assumption of the Virgin in Chartres Cathedral, France

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The Solari Report 2018-03-01

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The Solari Report 2018-03-01

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“We have to pierce the tunnels of loneliness with the conviction that there are other people and one has to trust that one is led to them.” ~Thomas Meyer

Last week, Robert Dupper and I drove from the Netherlands to Basel to film Thomas Meyer for a wide-ranging conversation about the Future of Europe.

Thomas is the head of Perseus Publishing, which publishes The Present Age. He has joined me twice before on the Solari Report – last summer for a discussion of how to confront evil – and the year before to introduce us to Rudolf Steiner.

This was an intimate conversation – we spoke about how to build a global network of people who understand reality and share a spiritual commitment to provide leadership and to nurture Western culture and values during changing times.

The full video interview will be posted here on Friday by 6pm ET.

My Money & Markets will be posted here late Thursday evening. I will discuss what is happening the latest developments in financial markets, geopolitical new and accelerating actions by the national security state. E-mail your questions for Ask Catherine to askcatherine[at]solari[dot]com.

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  1. Catherine:
    Your interview with Thomas Meyer affected me profoundly. As background, I have been in Information Technology for a number of major corporations for the last 40 years. During that time, I have seen the full blossom of Silicon Valley and the rise of multi-national companies with no allegiance to any country. I have experienced the harvesting in first person. I have been stunned by how and why decisions are made and the double-speak of senior leadership.

    I stopped in my tracks when you said the following: “But what I find is that there is amorality now, and you certainly see it in and around Silicon Valley where they don’t understand where their wealth is coming from. They don’t understand the extent to which they have been subsidized by government and other forces. They have an arrogance that is really

    It explains everything.

    But it is not limited to Silicon Valley. This cancer has crept into every large corporation in it’s human and business practices. It is taught in business schools, leadership programs and mentoring. In many cases the moral and ethical are squeezed out because they want to balance human and financial impact.

    I don’t know why I have not seen this before. Perhaps I did not want to actually confront my ‘red button’. It is part of the coming clean you speak of. But this realization has focused me on necessary decisions and my path ahead.

    Thank you for your insights.

  2. Dear Catherine,

    Here are some links to download free of charge some of the books mentioned in your chat:

    “Mont St Michel and Chartres” by Henry Adams

    “Education of Henry Adams” by Henry Adams

    “The Emperor Karl” by Arthur Polzer-Hoditz

    “Die Notwendigkeit der Erhaltung und Weiterentwicklung des deutschen Gesteslebens fuer die europaeische Kultur” by Polzer-Hoditz (German version)

    as well as the shameful report from Tucker Carlson:

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