Special Solari Report: The Battle for a Human Future

“For we fight not for glory, nor riches, nor honours, but for Freedom alone, which no good man gives up except with his life.” ~Passage from Declaration of Arbroath, translated from the Latin original, on a wall of the National Museum of Scotland (Image above)

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The Solari Report 2018-03-06

Download the Interview MP3 audio file


By Catherine Austin Fitts

Harry Blazer heard Tom Paine of American Intelligence Media discuss “wetware” – the use of invasive digital technology to completely mind control and compromise individual human sovereignty. He proposed that he interview Tom as a Special Solari Report.

Here is Harry’s “no holds barred” discussion with Tom that covers a wide range of topics – from the Trump Administration to mind control to pedophilia. A fierce war is raging – will humans remain human or will we lose our sovereignty to the technology controlled by a few?

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  1. Jeannie says:

    Thank you so much for posting today’s Special Solari Report Interview – we are looking forward to hearing it!
    One question – it looks like the Download the Interview link (second one) is the same as the first link (Listen to the Interview), and does not actually download – unless I am overlooking something. We prefer to download and then listen later, as opposed to listening while online. Thank you again!

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