Solari Food Series – Bill Niman – The Godfather of Grass-Fed

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The Solari Report 2018-02-15

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“We believe that the responsible treatment of animals and land stewardship are essential when striving to raise great-tasting, best-in-season grass-fed beef and free-range poultry. For these reasons, we are confident in saying the quality of BN Ranch meats is truly exceptional.” ~ From Bill Niman’s BN Ranch

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on The Solari Report, Harry Blazer interviews the legendary Bill Niman.

Bill was the founder of a number of companies involved in the production and processing of pasture-raised meat products, two of which continue to operate today – Niman Ranch and BN Ranch. Bill has set the standard for good husbandry practices and quality of finished product in the pasture-raised domain. The pork, beef and turkey products that continue to bear his name have become the preferred fare of some of the best chefs and connoisseurs in the United States. The proof is in the pudding – I have been eating Bill’s meats since 2005 and sending them as special gifts to friends and family.

Rarely does a leader enjoy such an impeccable reputation for knowledge, integrity and performance.

Harry and Bill cover the issues around producing high quality, pasture-raised meats from global geopolitics to how to ensure that you are sourcing the quality of food you need to be healthy. This is essential knowledge that you need to navigate your daily life coming from two of the top experts on food in the industry.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, check out Netflix’s new documentary Rotten the Documentary on quality issues in the food system.

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