Election Integrity with Dr. Laura Pressley

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The Solari Report 2018-03-08

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The Solari Report 2018-03-08

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ThemeAudio The theme this week is “The Game is Afoot”.

Money & MarketsAudio This week in Money & Markets, Catherine discusses the latest in market movements and geopolitical events.

HeroAudioOur hero this week is General Robert B. Mellor.

Let’s Go to the Movies!AudioCatherine reviews Fraction Magic.

Interview DiscussionAudioCatherine discusses her interview with Dr. Laura Pressley.

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“If the legal precedent set by the Austin appeals court [in Doctor Presley’s case] is allowed to stand, it will remove the ability for voters and candidates to challenge questionable or bogus results – the very will of the People is on the line in this decision.”

~ Bev Harris & Jim Keller, The Case of Dr. Laura Pressley

Dr. Laura Pressley joins me on the Solari Report to discuss her lawsuit before the Texas Supreme Court regarding the conduct of the 2014 election that she lost for the Austin City Council.

Pressley has formidable credentials, from engineering to business management to contributions to her community. She is an articulate champion for this complex, critical topic, providing a wealth of online documentation regarding her litigation at PressleyforAustin.com

Why does Congress regularly vote for policies and budgets contradictory to the “will of the people?” One reason may be that elections are compromised. As digital systems have been introduced into the voting process, symptoms of “black box” voting have grown. This failure of democracy is at the heart of the corruption draining our time, our health, and our pocketbooks.

This year, Americans will vote to elect 435 congressman, 35 senators, 39 state and territory governors, legislators for 87 of the 99 state legislative chambers holding regularly scheduled elections, and scores of mayors and local positions. It matters greatly that the 2018 elections be managed with integrity.

Dr. Pressley discusses what you can do to make sure the elections in your voting district have the integrity we deserve.

In Let’s Go to the Movies , I recommend you take a look at Fraction Magic on election tampering from Bev Harris of Black Box Voting.

In Money & Markets I will cover the latest geopolitical and financial market news – as well as the efforts to purge and hack independent media and the growing attention to The State of Our Pension Funds since it went public. I will also review our recommendations in Best Books for 2018. Make sure to e-mail your questions for Ask Catherine.

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  1. That was an emotional interview. Dr. Pressley is incredibly inspiring.

    Catherine, you’re right about engineers running for office. Shiva who’s running against Elizabeth Warren in MA is also an engineer. It would be interesting to find out kind of candidates are running in the mid term elections.

    I am definitely making a donation to Dr. Pressley and sending her a pray.

    BTW, have you been following Dark Journalist’s Nixon’s time capsule series?
    2 words MIND BLOWING

      • As much as i appreciate dark journalist i find it hard to take the story face value with just word of Merrits and his lawyer. Not saying i don’t believe it but the problem in sharing these huge ideas is that you need to separate fact and opinion. He doesn’t try to make the separation with his guests which can lead to a belief issues. I would love for in the future to challenge his guests in why they should believe him or any evidence and if their isn’t discuss why. Why did they decide to release it to just Dj and not a 3rd party press?

  2. Not sure why my Dj comment wasnt approved.
    But regarding this fraction magic is it a script you run? and is court action a problem because no one is able to prove it exists or?

  3. Dear Friend Catherine,

    I couldn’t locate the transcript of the Dr. Pressley interview. I can read faster (although not as fast as you!) than I can listen to the mp3s. Will you continue to offer the transcribed interviews?

    I am time-constrained , like many others, and truly appreciate the option to read through the fabulous info.

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