Book Review: The Papacy by Abbé Guettée

“On this rock I will build my church” ~ Jesus Christ, Matthew 16

By Catherine Austin Fitts

René-Francois Guettée was ordained a Catholic priest in France in 1839. One of his first tasks was to write History of the Church of France. The young priest had significant research skills and a passionate interest in the truth. Thus began a war between the Catholic Church and the young priest who concluded that the Church of Rome was simply a branch rather than the boss of the true Catholic church. Furthermore, the Church of Rome doctrine was corrupted from the teaching of Jesus.  One result of that war was the publication by Guettée of The Papacy – Its Historic Origin and Primitive Relations with the Eastern Churches.

The Papacy describes the steady progression of power grabs by the Church of Rome from the early years of the church, including the First Council of Nicea and six more ecumenical councils, until the Great Schism occurred between Rome and Constantinople in the 11th century, separating Eastern and Western Christianity.

Of course, anyone who can count up over a trillion of annual global expenditures on military and war already knows that something is serious amiss with Western Christianity. However, it is nice to know the history of the Holy Roman Empire maintaining its global reach through the tax exemption and diplomatic immunity of a global church.  Guettée documents how the Church of Rome cleverly justifies a divine mandate for Vatican City exercising global dominion over Christianity from Jesus saying he will build his church on a rock of faith.”  It’s good training for watching CNN.

Dr. Farrell gave me this book after I asked for his help to understand the schism between Western and Eastern Christianity. After reading it, I can not tell you if Eastern Christianity is the one true church.  I can tell you is that the Roman church is not – but I already knew that. I grew up in Philadelphia where I came to believe from experience that the Catholic Church was simply a criminal enterprise with demonic sex practices. It was years later I discovered many good people in the Catholic Church whose faith was sincere and who were doing wonderful things within the Church – they really had no idea.

However, now that I have read The Papacy, I understand the millennium long process of how the Church of Rome left Jesus in the dust and divided Christianity in two.  I doubt even a nuclear war with Russia can bring it back together. My concern is that the hubris exists to try.

This is a tough read unless you have studied the Bible and have a basic understanding of the history of Christianity. That said, if you want to learn how the corrupt impulse for power and centralization worked its way through pre-Medieval times in a manner that has profound implications for our world today, this one is for you.


  1. Catherine

    I wonder if any of the documents that were in the Alexandria Library found its way to the Vatican Library.

  2. Dear Catherine, I am an adherent of your character and an admirer of your many and generous works. However, your aspersions on the Catholic Church are appalling. Having grown up in Philadelphia, you may be knowledgeable of the War on Catholic Political Power that started in the post WWII era. The Quaker and Episcopalian group of families, the ruling class or oligarchy still directed the affairs of the City. ‘Reform’ to the progressives, meant taking on the Bolshevist social theories brought here by the pseudo professors expelled from Germany. To the ruling class, the sudden appearance of a Catholic mayor, a Catholic governor, and a Catholic president had to be answered. ‘We had to do it.’ the serious men said. Similar to moving the Syrian refugees into Europe, moving 6 million black Americans from the South to the big Northeastern cities, including Chicago became the ethnic cleansing offensive to clear Catholic power out of the City, under the cover of politically correct Urban Renewal. I don’t think this story is understood. JFK, RFK, John Jr. were all murdered in front of our eyes and still, no one knows why? The offensive against Catholic Political and Economic Power exists today.

    • What you describe is indeed true. There was an excellent book on the topic – I gave a glowing review of it on the Solari Report – HUD was one of the vehicles they used. It is a very devastating impact on so many communities.
      However, the fact is that as a young person, what I saw and experienced was the very dark side of the Catholic church. – The Church, the masons and the Jews were deep in bed with the intelligence agencies, bringing in the drugs targeting the black neighborhoods and ultimately all young people, and running the money.

      Check out the pedophilia litigation related to the Catholic Church in Philadelphia – the record is highly documented and is extensive. The story IMO was not the priests – they were running a control file system. That plus hit teams was the cost effective way to run such an enormous criminal cash flow/enterprise and keep everyone on board.

      I do believe the masons, jews the intelligence agencies got a hold of the telco networks and dumped most of the blame for the pedophilia – as I have described it is unfair for them to not share the blame.

      However the Church was deep deep in criminal enterprise. Kicking the nuns out of control of their assets and operations with Vatican II helped take the criminality to a whole new level.

      I never saw the good side as a young person – I only saw the demonic side. It was there. Several years ago I went to the Vatican for the tour and then left and spent several days in Assisi. Something was very wrong at the Vatican. Assisi was filled with the Holy Spirit – an amazing place.

      This is our challenge – the demonic and the divine are both present in many institutions. If there were not it would be much easier to see the demonic and deal with it.

  3. Catherine,
    I was raised Roman Catholic, and attended both grade school and high school in that faith. It did not take me long to understand the misconception that said church was operating on. Saint Peter was never given the office of a Pontiff or a leader. The words “Petra” and “Petras” are two different words, denoting a person and a rock. The only Rock in the Christian church is Jesus, and perverting the words enabled the Roman Catholic church to sell the beliefs that one had to follow a team of popes, priests, saints, etc. in order to earn heaven. The entity became more important than the Person of Christ. The Catholic Church has been corrupted for ages , along with asking for money for “indulgences”, “scapulars”, “relics”, “statues”, etc….. that people had to purchase to have someone other than Jesus go to God for the purchaser,; to intercede for their sins. Calvin, Luther, and Knox all knew this and paid the price for rebelling.
    The Vatican is one of the biggest money launderers today, with very few people living in it that think about Christ. All of the paintings, and artifacts have been leased to pay for pedophile claims. They have gone into what was called “Peter’s Coffers” to pay for attorneys for all the clergy within, who are being sued. There is a large gay group in the Vatican that avails itself of all the Romanian young men in the neighborhood. Nothing much of spirituality is playing out there. Many books are out now talking about the corruption; and it is beyond me that people who are still Roman Catholic will just look at me and say that it is the “one true religion”. Jesus is never mentioned and the Bible is rarely read. They have no idea that the masses were not allowed to read the Bible…..a monk had to interpret it ! For a price paid!
    You are absolutely right in your interpretation of the Roman Church today. Will it be corrected? Not with a Pope at the head of it,….. who is a globalist, (instead of a religious leader), and still does not allow priests to marry. I had a family member who was molested by a priest; and I can tell you that the diocese denied it . Absolute power corrupts. These people need to go and read the “real” church history from the time that the Apostles died. It will curl their hair! How fortunate I am to have been freed from this; and am able to worship with the knowledge that the Lord hears me without the blather of saints, and popes!

    • Yes….direct communication is the way to go. A great church can support us doing so. However it begins with our intimate relationship!

  4. Catherine

    A person can be born and receive a great education, have a great job, raise a great family, be involved with their community and be blessed with great health all their life. But when the time comes to be lowered into the ground they never knew what life was about.

    I thank you for your pursue of the truth and sharing it to allow people to connect the dots. I admire your knowledge and the brilliance of your critical mind. We are living in times that the ancients spoke about, we are so fortunate.

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